Active Bystander Training

EST is proud to announce the Active Bystander Training program for the WashU community! Active Bystander Trainings are 30-minute presentations aimed to engage students and faculty in a dialogue about safety and taking action as well as debunk any misleading and potentially dangerous myths that are often associated with over-intoxication. We focus especially on over-intoxication due to its prevalence within the student body and the uncertainty surrounding it. Qualified EMTs from our team will discuss the “do’s and don’ts” that a bystander should follow, address common misconceptions associated with alcohol related emergencies, and answer any questions that students may have! These trainings are open to student organizations, residential halls, scholarship programs, and any other interested groups! They are completely free and require no set-up.

If you would be interested in requesting an Active Bystander Training, please fill out the Google Form below: 

Please feel free to email with any questions.