Disaster Phone Chain

In case of on-campus disaster/MCI, the Medic 1 on duty will start the phone chain.

Each person is responsible for calling the person below them. If that person does not pick up, leave a message, and then call the next person below them. Repeat this process until someone picks up. Inform them that the disaster phone chain has been activated and that they need to continue the phone chain.


EST Disaster Phone Chain


Mathison Petronio Mehta Condiff Amen Fischbach
Nelson Murugesan Stephanopoulos Szatkowski Schield Collins
Gondi Rota Amegashie Tanenbaum Persky Guo
Lee Leeds Hicklin-Coorey Kahlon Kolodner Ward
Felman Freedman Oka-Ze Merchant Farkouh Izek
Waill Simon Doty Thaler Kaplan Gogia
Coglan Lin Gonzalez Agarwal Beiter Mitchell
Zankman Graham Brooks Vishy Hoelscher Trier
Chang Nazha Berman Field Oppenheim Delaney
  Gunter Kong Kincaid