Application Process

Our Selections Co-Chairs would like to welcome you to our application process!

Below are some key dates and things to think about when applying to join our team.

This year we are requiring that every applicant attends an information session. If you do not attend one, your application will not be considered. If there is a real reason why you cannot attend any of the three, please contact selections and we will schedule a meeting to go over the information from the session. 

It is important to note that our selections chairs do not participate in the interview process. The purpose of the selections chairs is to design the application process, coordinate its setup and operation, and most importantly, remain continually accessible to all applicants throughout the process. What this means, is that we are your one stop place for all questions about EST, and you do not have to feel any pressure to avoid "stupid questions" or feel like something you say will jeopardize your application process.

To contact the selections committee, please email:

2022 Selections Important Dates:

Written Application:

Application goes live: TBD

Application closes TBD at midnight

Information Sessions: (you must attend at least one info session to be considered) 

TBD -- 6:00 PM Siegle L006


TBD -- 3:00 PM Siegle L006


TBD -- 8:00 PM Siegle L006


Round 1:


Round 1 will run through the weekend starting TBD, individual dates and times will vary.


Round 2: 


The second round of interviews will occur on TBD.


Round 3:


Some years, a third round of interviews is necessary in order to narrow the applicant pool to our final class of around 18 new techs. This will be held on 10/16 if necessary.

For for information about selections, see the FAQ's