We care deeply about the care that we provide to our patients. Your comments help us ensure that this care continues to meet the highest possible standards. If you have had an experience with EST, whether it was part of an official call or otherwise, please consider sharing your thoughts on the form here. (You are also always free to contact us through via any of our public email addresses, which are listed here.)

We are also always very interested to hear what happens to our patients after we leave them, but due to the nature if EMS, we have very limited opportunities for follow-up. If you were one of our patients recently, we would love to hear how you're doing. This page is a great way to let us know!

If you are writing with regards to a particular call or incident, please remember to provide information such as location, time of day, and names of people involved, so we can link your comments with our own records.

Finally, please note that while none of this information submitted via this form is covered under HIPAA, it is only directly viewed by the President and Field Director of EST and will be treated with the same level of discretion that we apply to the information that we collect on scene.

Link to feedback form, powered by Google Docs.