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Every fall semester EST selects a new medic class. Being a part of EST offers an opportunity to serve your community, learn life-saving medical skills, and be a part of a tight-knit student organization. Members of EST graduate from Washington University with unique and invaluable knowledge, experiences, and friendships.

To become a member of EST, you must:

  • Be enrolled as an undergraduate student at Washington University in Freshman or Sophomore standing
  • Be physically capable of performing all skills and functions required of an EMT-B
  • Participate in the annual fall application process
  • Turn 18 prior to the beginning of second semester

The application process for our new medic class begins late August after classes have begun. Final decisions are made mid-October. The process includes a written application and up to three rounds of interviews.  For reasons of resource limitation, both finance- and personnel-related, EST is capable of selecting up to 18 members per year. On average, approximately 150 students apply to EST each year.

Freshman applicants: It should be emphasized that an EMT-B license is NOT required for membership on EST. All non-EMT new medics will enroll in a course through Washington University to receive an EMT-B license. Of each new medic class, at least 80% do not have their EMT-B license. If you want to get a head start though, it certainly won't hurt! Many EMT-B certification courses are available throughout the year, including the summer. If you do not have the time for certification but still want a glimpse of emergency medical service, contact your local rescue squad for volunteer opportunities.

Sophomore Applicants: EST requires all sophomore applicants to possess an EMT license at the time of application. Please contact the selections committee with any questions you may have (

Juniors and Seniors: Unfortunately, EST does not accept junior and senior applicants to the team.

*Please visit the other tabs (Application Process and Selections FAQ) for more information.

Please continue to check back this website for the most up to date information regarding the application process.