Event Coverage

In certain extraordinary circumstances, the medical services that EST normally provides are not sufficient to ensure adequate coverage of the undergraduate campus.  The bi-annual WILD concert is a good example of a time when it would be impossible for a single 3-person duty crew to ensure the safety of everyone at the concert and all of the surrounding events.  In such cases, EST is happy to provide free event coverage to fully ensure the safety of the WashU community.

However, such coverage generally represents a very significant investment of resources on our part, and in our experience, many events--even events involving a very large number of participants-- are more than adequately covered by our regular service.  As a result, we're forced to turn down any requests for coverage that we do not feel is absolutely necessary.  We also do not generally cover off-campus events.  Exceptions are sometimes made, especially in exchange for support that defrays the cost of the additional resources necessary to cover the event.

If you are organizing an event and would like to request coverage from EST, please:
1) fill out this google form: https://goo.gl/forms/Mc3KTJKUSLhHhFnv2 
2) email the Assistant Field Director at afdtraining.est.wustl@gmail.com.