What happens when I call EST?

When you dial (314) 935-5555 or 5-5555 from a campus phone, you will connect to the campus police dispatcher. After requesting EST, the dispatcher will ask you for your name, phone number, location, and various other questions to determine the nature of your emergency. Be as specific as possible in answering these questions. Do not hang up before the dispatcher as he or she may offer helpful information.

The dispatcher will then page all three EST techs and a WUPD police officer on duty with the patient's location and medical emergency. All techs and the police officer will immediately respond. Depending on the severity of the emergency, a paramedic ambulance service may be co-dispatched along with EST.

Q: So a police officer is present at all EST calls. Will I get in trouble? Is the call still confidential?
A: Click here for information regarding the confidentiality of EST's calls.

If the EST techs determine that an ambulance is necessary for transport to a local hospital (St. Mary's Hospital or Barnes Jewish Hospital), the police dispatcher will alert a local paramedic ambulance service of the medical emergency. EST techs will remain with the patient until care is transferred to the paramedics. If it is advisable for a patient to seek medical attention, yet the severity of the emergency does not warrant an ambulance, a WUPD officer can transport the patient to a local hospital.

If the patient is transported to the hospital, he or she can request transport back to the Danforth campus from WUPD by calling (314) 935-5555.