The Role We Serve

EST is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the members of the Washington University community. Our services are free of charge due to the funding of Student Health Services and Student Union, the generous donations from our community, and the volunteer dedication of our members. EST techs are bound by the policies of HIPAA and therefore keep information obtained on calls confidential within the medical community.

As emergency medicine first responders, the primary roles of EST techs are as follows:

  1. Evaluate if a patient is in need of immediate care from a hospital emergency room or urgent care facility
  2. Treat and stabilize patient until a local ambulance service arrives to provide transport to a hospital emergency room

While in service, a minimum of three EST techs are on duty. Currently, EST operates a single Ford Explorer SUV that carries all the equipment necessary for our patient services. The SUV stays with at least one of the techs at all times. All three techs keep in communication via two-way radios. EST's average response time is between 3-5 minutes.

All members of EST are certified in CPR, and all members are certified or in the progress of becoming certified basic life support emergency medical technicians (EMT-B). At least two of the three techs are senior techs, who in addition to the training required for an EMT-B license receive months of internal training that hones their abilities to provide a high level of care to the Danforth campus patient population. As a result, our duty crews are adept in providing first responder care to any medical emergency, e.g. cardiac, respiratory, intoxication, drug abuse, orthopedic, diabetic, severe bleeding, head injury, and any major trauma.

Click here for information regarding when to call EST. When in doubt regarding if EST is necessary, calling EST is always safer.