EST techs are bound by the policies of HIPAA. As such, any information that an EST tech obtains on a call will remain confidential within the medical community, which includes Student Health Services.

In cases where EST is called for someone who is a legal minor (under the age of 18) EST is legally obligated to contact the minor's parents to obtain permission to treat and examine the patient.  Otherwise, EST will not contact any family members except to obtain medically vital information that cannot be obtained by any other reasonable means for a patient who is in immediate danger of death or permanent injury.

On every call, a WUPD police officer will respond with EST for the primary purpose of ensuring the safety of EST techs, patients, and bystanders. Unlike members of EST, police officers and other non-medical personnel such as employees of Residential Life are not bound by HIPAA to keep information obtained on EST calls confidential; however, the police and other non-medical employees at Washington University understand that such confidentiality is paramount to the trust and comfort of EST's patients and will use their discretion accordingly.

It cannot be emphasized more strongly that all university personnel hold the well-being and safety of the community as a foremost concern. For the sake of your own health and livelihood, please do not hesitate to call EST if you at all feel that you are experiencing a medical emergency.

For more information regarding the confidentiality practices of non-EST techs in the event of a medical emergency, contact a representative from the respective organization.